JavaScript: Menus and Navigation

Menus and Navigation
1-Click Easy Drop-Down Menues
This simple script creates a drop-down menu that opens pages on a single click when selected from the menu. Pages can open in the same window, a new window, or a target frame. Very easy install, and great for tight spots where you need a menu.
DropDown Menus That Do PopUps
A simple script that allows you to launch popup windows from a dropdown menu. Any number of links can be added to the options list. The popup window features can be set within the script. Great for saving space on the page when long lists are required, for image popups, and for offsite referrals while still keeping people on your page.
Easy Instant Interactive Menu Links
Interactive menus are a snap with this easy technique... with over- and under-line motion, settable hot and cold colors, settable movement -- and no layers, spans, or divisions needed.
Glide-In / Glide-Out Menu
When an icon is clicked, this script glides in a menu from screen-left. Clicking on the same icon in the menu causes it to slide off the screen, with the triggering icon sliding back in. The script can be set to have either the trigger icon or the menu show on start-up; and the menu and trigger icon positions can be set via script variables. An easy install, and a cool effect. IE4-6,NS4-6. 
Interactive No-Layers Menu Script
A fully interactive menu system with separate message box and programmable elements, including: link color and behavior; link box motion; link box border colors; link box border styles; link box border width; individual link messages; and default link message. Designed to replace costly Java applets that work similarly, the scripting uses no layers or divisions.
Light 'Em Up Multi-Color Interactive Mouse-Over Links
One of the most-asked questions in our support mail, this very simple technique shows how to add differently colored links to the same page that light up and underline and/or overline on mouseOver. No complex JavaScript calls are required, and the technique is a fundamental building block for interesting, interactive, color-differentiated menu systems.
Light Up, Super-Easy, Glow-In-The-Dark Links
If you're using MSIE, you've undoubtedly noticed that most of our links 'light up' when you pass your mouse over them. Not only a great effect, it helps users navigate your site more quickly and easily. This script shows you how... and it's surprisingly simple to do!
TriState Rainbow Color Link Script
Creates a link that cycles through three colors. Features include settable blink rate; settable blink colors; settable no-blink color; and on/off control via links (optional). A simple function call can also make the link start blinking when clicked, or stop blinking when clicked. A cool way to emphasize critical navigational elements.
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