JavaScript: Scroll, Title, and Status Bars

Scroll, Title, and Status Bars
Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically
Changes the color of the scrollbars in a page dynamically, via a simple JavaScript function; shows how to attach the scrollbar color change function to links and to mouseOver and other events.
Changing 5-Color Scrollbars
This striking effect continually and rapidly rotates the colors of IE5.5+ scrollbars through five different colors... speed and colors are settable. Very easy install.
Dynamic Title Bar Date-Time Clock
A unique little script that dynamically shows the date and time up top in the Title Bar of the browser in IE4&up and NS6.  (NS3-4 show the date-time in the status bar.)
Tristate Rainbow Scrollbars
Causes all page scrollbars to blink in three colors; on/off control (optional) can turn effect on and off via links.
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