JavaScript: Recommended Resources

Recommend Resources - Java Applets, JavaScript, Perl
A stunning collection of visually impressive multi-media, navigation, animation, text, and utility applets, all with free versions and immediate downloads. Complete kits, with demos and documentation.
. - Software & Scripts for WebMasters
Our well known sister site, home of the PopUp Maker popup window maker, the CodeLifter 5.0 source code ripper-viewer, and tons of free JavaScript!
. - Java Applets, Flash, and More
Game applets, image and slide show applets, navigation and menu applets, text and scroller applets, is a rich harvest of great tools and toys for webmasters. Also a new Flash section!
Fastest way to find free Java Scripts searching over 8,000 free JavaScript codes from all the major Java Script directories.
1300+ Webmaster tools to help build, promote, improve and maintain websites. Very well done and constantly updated with new resources. This is a bookmark site.
SlideWays from
One of the most interesting and powerful slideshow presentation applets available.  Scrolls both horizontally and vertically, smooth as silk, with features designed by webmasters for webmasters.
Great collection of free and custom Flash banners, tools, effects, and creations. Our personal favorites are the navigation tools!
A large directory of cgi scripts, programs, tutorials, books and other webmaster resources including ASP, C, C++, CFML, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Visual Basic, and XML.
A collection of scripts that emphasize style and functionality. Dynamic effects that will highlight your good design and add those finishing touches to your site.
Devoted entirely to JavaScript, and plenty of it.  In addition to a large script repository, one truly worthwhile and unique feature on is a dynamic JavaScript object model reference.
FLASH! BANG! The action just never ends. You want your site to look great? You want it to stand out from the crowd? You want it to be free of smelly foot odor? Then you MUST MUST MUST have... Go here: FlashBanger's!
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